Each week, millions of people tune in to watch the hit CBS reality show “Undercover Boss”, where the head of corporations disguises themselves to find out what’s really going on at their companies.

Undercover Investor Show provides a great way for investors to see what’s happening in the front lines of the companies they would like to invest in. The stakes can be huge for an investor, with the help of Influential People Media group can help investors to participate and discover the company of their choice to see if it is the right fit for their investment and help to make positive changes for improvement for the company of their choice, with opportunities to enrich their brand, profit, and increase visibility for the investors.

If you know of a business wanting to expand their existing business, then you can nominate them for our show. Most of the time it is hard to find the investor and finding the right one that believes in the existing startup companies.  There are many potential investors out there. However, we can help to show your presentations and your information to investors who are looking for a small business to invest in.

What do the Undercover Investor show producers look for?

  • A willing existing start-up company since that’s what the show is all about.
  • You can nominate an existing business to be on the show that needs an investor help.
  • You can't nominate your own business.
  • Start-up company that needs investor help to grow their business.
  • Tangible proof of an existing business, name, website, bio, portfolio, and more....
  • Diversity is important to us. The show seeks varied ethnicities among investors, entrepreneurs, bosses and employees, different industries and assorted locations across the country.
  • The Existing company has at least over $5K in revenue in a month.
  • CEO /Owner preferred.
  • Existing Company/Companies must be in the U.S.

What are the benefits of appearing on the Undercover Investor Show?

  • Investors have the chance to visit the existing startup company of their choice and truly understand how the existing start-up company operates, which is invaluable.
  • Finding the right investor for the existing start-up business.
  • You have the opportunity to give back to the existing start-up entrepreneur business and show your appreciation for them to make their company a success.
  • The existing start-up business will get considerably more visibility and esteem by appearing on the hour-long program.

Disclaimer:  We can not guarantee your business will be chosen, it is up to the investor to decide.

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